Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Patron Foundation?

The Patron Foundation is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation in the process of obtaining its tax-exemption under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

How is the Patron Foundation organized?

The Patron Foundation is a nonprofit corporation governed by a Board of Directors that is responsible for carrying out the Patron Foundation’s mission.  The Board of Directors is comprised entirely of volunteers.

What is the Patron Foundation’s mission?

The Foundation’s mission is to provide and support wine-related education; host community and cultural events; and enhance the lives of indigents, immigrants, and emerging leaders working in the wine and hospitality industries.

What is the Chardonnay Classic?

The Chardonnay Classic is a fundraiser to raise funds for Patron Foundation’s stated mission.  At the Chardonnay Classic, awards will be presented to wines receiving the highest scores in a variety of categories.  The Chardonnay Classic will be held at the Meritage Report & Spa in Napa.

Are donations to the Patron Foundation eligible for tax deductions?

Yes.  Donations to the Patron Foundation are generally tax-deductible to the same extent as donations to other public charities.  For additional information regarding deduction limitations that may apply to your particular donation, the Patron Foundation advises you to speak with your tax adviser.

Will a winery’s sponsorship and/or donation of alcohol to the Chardonnay Classic violate California’s liquor license laws?

No.  The Patron Foundation is a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Accordingly, Meritage Resort & Spa effectively “surrenders” its liquor license to the Patron Foundation for the duration of the Chardonnay Classic.  Wineries, therefore, can feel comfortable that their Chardonnay Classic sponsorships and/or donations will not run afoul of California’s liquor license rules.

Refund Policy

Should this event be cancelled due to COVID-19 or similar State Emergency, all monies contributed will be refunded in full.

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